Sunshine Smiles of Orange County

Patient Testimonials

Wahid W.

Professional and high level of service!
The front desk made me feel at home. The doctor was on time, Very gentle and caring. I left the office with a big smile. I highly recommend the dental office for everyone!!!!
-Wahid W.

Ron B.

Had an emergency Saturday....Doctor Zaery was called and took care of the problem within an hour! Amazing and professional lady and we are looking forward to having her for our dental needs!
-Ron B.

Parisa H.

This office is located in one of the best shopping centers of Mission Viejo , close to Sprout, party city, Yogurtland , Firestone and many more other businesses . a pharmacy underneath of this office makes it easy for your prescription to be filled .the dentist is the friendliest Dr. you've ever met she recently moved from Kansas and had a successful office over there with many clients that are sad to see her go. The office has a great vibe with the fishtanks , soft music playing in the background and friendly staff. The doctor is awesome at her work and while you are sitting on the chair she starts talking to you telling you funny stories to take your mind off of the possible fear of dentists I absolutely recommend this doctor to you and your family. check it out you will love her.
-Parisa H.

Dan S.

I really like Dr. Zaery. I needed two crowns, and she took the time to make sure they fit well and fine-tuned them until my bite was perfect. She also made me feel remarkably comfortable considering I was sitting in a dentist's chair. When I called a couple of weeks later with a minor issue, she got me in the same day and fixed everything.
-Dan S.

Mike P.

I have visited this place today and from the first minute everything felt good, staff been professional and friendly, the place looks very organized and clean, this is a family practice and i worked with DR Kalantari and he was very knowledgeable and done a great job, with my past experiences at the different dental offices i wasn't sure what to expect today but i am very happy with the treatment and the result and going back there again for the future need
Thank you Dr Kalantari
-Mike P.

Jen G.

I definitely recommend this dentist and here's why:
Front office staff are nice and efficient.
Office is clean, modern and comfortable.
Hygienist is very polite and kind.
The dentist genuinely cares about your smile and wellbeing.
I left feeling well informed and not like someone had just pressured me into additional treatments like my previous dentist.
-Jen G.

Forrest W.

Dr. Zaery, Dr. Kalantari and their staff are amazing!! The comprehensive approach they take to Dentistry makes it easy to get everything done. My experience from the moment I stepped in to the time I left with a clean healthy smile was the best I’ve had at a dentist. I will forever be a life long patient and trust the office with whatever they recommend for my dental needs! Thank you so much for giving me more confidence with my smile and making the experience comfortable and easy!
-Forrest W.

Joy H.

Thank you so much for all you do. I don't know many people who can say they look forward to their dental appointments, but I love it when that 6 months rolls around. Everyone there is kind, caring, and wonderfully smart. I feel your office should be the barometer for excellence in both work and in manner. I can never thank you enough for all you do.
-Joy H.

Kevin W.

I never thought I would actually enjoy going to see the dentist. Thank you for making my visits quick, painless and something to honestly look forward to.
-Kevin W.

Madison R.

Very charming and friendly staff, great care, timely service. I could be seen for free at a different office in town due to a trade-of-service agreement with my employer, but I’d rather pay out of pocket to be seen here. I always leave happier than I was when I got there.
-Madison R.

Cynthia D.

It's so hard to see Dr. Zaery and Dr. Kalantari move out of state. We have been clients at least 20yrs and have always been happy with their practice. They are kind, gracious, and a pleasure to do business with. Our loss is California's gain.
-Cynthia D.

Rita D.

I had a dental emergency, they were great! kind, caring and professional!!!
-Rita D.

Babs A.

Dr. Zaery is the very best dentist I have ever encountered. She is kind, gentle and gets the work done. Her staff is the very best. Dr. Arshia Kalantari is very good, too. He does great work. You will not be disappointed.
-Babs A.

Shannon M.

I love Dr. Zaery and her staff! I have been a patient for over ten years and I have never had a bad experience. Everyone is very friendly and they make me feel very comfortable. I trust them with my dental care needs.
-Shannon M.

Zubin C.

What a professional and friendly environment. It was one of the best Dental visits I have ever had.
Dr. Zaery makes an extra effort to make sure you are happy with your service and your smile. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!
They treat you like family.
-Zubin C.

Christian S.

I have been going to Dr. Zaery since I was in my early 20's. Such a calming place to go. I never stress about cavities of fillings b/c Dr. Z and her son Dr. Kalantari always listen to my needs and walk me through the process. I've really enjoyed my relationship with this dental group! thanks again.
-Christian S.

Kimberly G.

They are kind. They are gentle. Arshia is a dentist that makes you feel comfortable. I am glad I consider my dentist a friend and his mother Farrah is the kindest woman around. Thank you guys for being just who you are.
Kimberly G.

Cynthia D.

Excellent Dental Care! Dr. Zaery and Dr. Kalantari are the best! As someone who has always been afraid of the dentist, I have complete confidence in them. My family have been patients for approximately 20yrs. I highly recommend them for all your dental needs.
-Cynthia D.

Cathy H.

I not just like I love your office. You are always so good to me.
-Cathy H.

Peggy M.

My husband and I have been going to see Dr. Zaery for 16 years. Dr. Zaery has gone above and beyond to help us keep our pearly whites look amazing. Not only friendly but caring and loving our family. Every now and then I able to see her son Dr. Kallantari, who is just as friendly and caring as his mother. And he's tall, dark & handsome!
-Peggy M.

Danielle M.

I drive 30 minutes and its totally worth it! I always know I'm going to have a good laugh when I see Dr. Zaery!!!! Even though it's hard to laugh when their hands are in your mouth!
I had my first 2 crowns done yesterday and it wasn't near as bad as I was worried about!!!!
-Danielle M.

Joe B.

For over 19 years you not only expertly took care of my dental needs, (and there were a lot !), we bonded unlike any doctor/patient relationship I have ever experienced. Maybe because we both shared a wonderful trait being OCD! Or maybe because of the gentle and kind personality you demonstrated to one of the biggest cowards you serviced. But most of all, I think it was the sincere concern and interest you demonstrated to me and my wife. Thank you for your professionalism and some very fond memories.
-Joe B.

Kersee M.

My family and I are extremely lucky to have been able to get to know you over the years. You've taken such great care of us. Every visit included a warm welcome, kind smile and great conversation about what was going on in life. You made sure my teeth were perfect for my wedding day. Of course, that process started when I was in elementary school when you taught us (Sydney, Chase and I) how to properly take care of our teeth. It's still odd telling people I enjoy going to the dentist. I do love the cool glasses we get to wear with those stylish bibs. More than that, I've loved the relationships that have come from it. Thank you for being more than just a dentist to us.
-Kersee M.

Anne O.

Dear Dr. Zaery,
We have been patients for more than 15 years. We love your generosity and kindness! The best part of coming to your office is that it is warm and welcoming, like visiting your family home.
-Anne O.

Michelle H.

Dr Zaery and Dr Kalantari were our dentists in Kansas and we will miss them terribly! I have and will continue to highly recommend them!
Best of luck on your new endeavor. We will miss you in Kansas!
-Michelle H.