Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic-dentist-mission-viejo A healthy smile is important. But at Sunshine Smiles of Orange County, we realize that it’s important to have an attractive smile as well.

A beautiful smile is one of the best ways to make a good first impression. A beautiful smile can also be a real self-confidence booster!

If you are in the Mission Viejo or Orange County area and you aren’t happy with the appearance of your smile, talk to us about ways to improve its appearance. There are many ways cosmetic dentistry can make your smile as stunning as it is healthy.


Cosmetic Dentistry Options to Fit Every Need

Whatever your smile goals, we have a cosmetic procedure to help you achieve them.  Our Mother/Son team of general dentists, Dr. Zaery and Dr. Kalantari, have over 30 years of experience between them in treating cosmetic dental needs. If you are in need of Teeth Whitening, Dental Veneers, or Invisalign our office can present you with options and details regarding our in house procedures. We also offer standard general dentistry procedures with a cosmetic touch as discussed below.  Call us or schedule a free consultation today!

Tooth-Colored Fillings and Dental Bonding

You may have already experienced getting a cavity filled with tooth-colored composite resin, but did you know this material is also great for making natural-looking repairs to your teeth? Bonding is a great way to correct chips and cracks and fill gaps and spaces between teeth. It can also be used to mask staining that is resistant to teeth whitening.

Dental Crowns

mission-viejo-cosmetic-dentist-invisalign Many people have had their back molars fitted with a dental crown because of a particularly large filling that has failed. Crowns can also be used to fix a damaged tooth anywhere in your mouth. Cosmetic use of dental crowns includes covering discolored teeth and reshaping teeth that are out of proportion.

Do You Have White Spots On Your Front Teeth?

Some people are born with areas of malformed enamel on their front teeth and it can be both a bothersome and tricky thing to go through life with.  Here at Sunshine Smiles, we are able to treat many of these spots with a minimally invasive ICON resin procedure that requires minimal to no drilling of the tooth surface and no anesthetic!  You can check out more about the ICON procedure on our blog.

Are You In The Mission Viejo or Orange County Area? Why not let us create a stunning smile treatment plan just for you? Please give us a call to arrange a FREE consultation. YOU deserve the smile of your dreams, and we look forward to helping you achieve it!