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Pack This Not That: 9 School Lunch Swaps For Healthy Bodies And Healthy Teeth

Easy school lunch swap ideas that are healthy for both teeth and body.

Can you believe it is back to school time already?  I for one can not believe it at all.  I am also in disbelief that my girls will be starting kindergarten this year, but that is a whole emotional saga for another day.  Today, let’s talk about healthy food choices.  Let’s talk about how we can make healthy swaps in the everyday packed lunch routine that are suitable alternatives to traditional higher sugar content.  I know when it comes to packing healthy lunches it comes down to two things: cost and convenience.  Let’s also throw in a third contender and that would be child approval, because we all know that ...

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Should You Switch To Black Floss? A Hello Charcoal Floss Review

Our Hello Charcoal Floss review goes into details on the natural ingredients, effectiveness and more

I don’t know about you, but I am known to scour the depths of the internet anytime I am about to make a purchase – big or small, it doesn’t matter!  I love to see honest reviews about products to help me decide if it is right for me and my family and I am sure there are many that can relate to this.  In fact, many of you may not know this, but I have a blog (Color Your Health) where I post reviews from time to time about non toxic and clean living products that I try out.  These review posts are always very well received ...

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Does Lemon Juice Affect Tooth Enamel? The Sour Truth That May Save Your Teeth

Lemon juice can affect and dissolve tooth enamel causing cavities and sensitivity, here's why.

When you picture summer, chances are high that visions of lemons pop in there somewhere.  Rightfully so, these tart yet sweet citrus fruits pack a yummy punch in just about any drink or food concoction.  But we are here to remind you not to get too carried away with lemon juice as it truly can affect your tooth enamel and overall tooth sensitivity.  How you ask?  Let's discuss a few details that will hopefully answer all of your lemon questions!  And just a side note - we love lemons around here and certainly consume them responsibly, so we will be sharing five of our favorite lemon recipes at the end ...

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Do Babies Get Runny Noses When Teething? Answers To The Questions Every Parent Has About Teething

Answering some of the most common teething questions - runny nose, sequence, evening pain and more!

I would say that among every other dental topic, the questions I get asked most from my other mom friends is in regards to the dreaded teething phase.  I certainly know a thing or two about the topic and have seen several children (my own included) in the thick of the teething phase yet I will just come right out and say that there is no one EASY answer.  However, like most things, the more you know about something the better prepared you can be for it.  So today I will answer a few of the most common questions that I get asked about as a pediatric dentist.

Do Babies Get ...

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Is Smile Direct Club The Same As Invisalign? 8 Myths You Need To Know Before Joining The Club

If you are wondering if Smile Direct Club and Invisalign are the same, read these 8 myths today!

Smile Direct Club a hot topic of conversation right now among many people - parents, grown adults, teenagers, and dentists alike.  So what's all the buzz you ask?  Smile Direct Club takes the "middle man" out of tooth straightening and offers teeth aligners (similar in appearance to those offered by Invisalign) sent straight to your home.  Oh, and did I mention they are able to do this at a reasonable cost?  Sounds pretty great doesn't it?  As a concept, this new service is a great idea, however there are several things that a person should know prior to joining the Smile Direct Club and that is what we are going ...

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Summer Camp Options: A 2019 Comprehensive List For Mission Viejo

We have put together a complete list of summer camp options in Mission Viejo for 2019!

Well is it just me or did this past school year FLY right on by!?  After realizing that there were only 5 weeks left of the school year, my husband I have begun the search (perhaps a little late I know) for some summer camp options for the girls to keep active with others their age.  I quickly realized that there were soooo many options in Orange County that I thought it would be good to narrow it down a bit and make a list just for Mission Viejo for those people that want to stay close to home.  So here you are, a comprehensive 2019 list of the area ...

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Easy Flourless Strawberry Cookie Recipe - A Guilt Free, Delicious Treat

Try out this easy strawberry lemonade cookie recipe that is both gluten free and paleo and so tasty!

It's strawberry picking season in Southern California and although we know you likely don't have trouble eating those red morsels of goodness, we cooked up a recipe to use with those extra berries you have sitting in the fridge!  The best part?  This recipe is clean eating friendly- that's right, no gluten, no refined sugars, no eggs, and no grains!  And easy would be an understatement!  It's so simple, my daughters helped me with the very few steps, and of course helped devour them afterwards!  So, if you are wanting a dentist approve cookie recipe, well here it is my friends.  My girls and I are Berry Sure (see what ...

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