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Moon Stain Removal Whitening Toothpaste Review

Does Moon whitening toothpaste work? Here is my honest review.

Gone are the days when there is only a select few toothpaste and oral care brands on the store shelves.  In our office, we often have patients asking us what toothpaste, floss, toothbrush, or mouth wash we recommend because they are overwhelmed with all the choices out there!  To help narrow down the choices, my family and I regularly try out different oral care products to review on our blog.  Today I am going to share with you my experience using the Moon Stain Removal Whitening Toothpaste.  I purchased the toothpaste with my own money and have been using this product twice a day now for a month and this is my honest review.

Moon Toothpaste review

Packaging Claims

This product claims to whiten teeth while also giving the user a long lasting, minty fresh feeling.  The toothpaste also boasts a proprietary blend of ingredients of antioxidants and essential oils to help deliver results.

Ingredient Specifics

The toothpaste is 100% vegan (never tested on animals) and made in the USA.  The toothpaste is notable free from SLS/SLES, parabens, and artificial flavors.  The toothpaste does contain sodium fluoride for cavity protection although there is a non fluoride containing variety.  The antioxidants and essential oils mentioned above include items such as cranberry seed oil, tea tree oil, black and green tea leaf extract, and camu camu.

First Impression

Honestly, my first impression was what made me want to purchase this product and that was the unique black packaging.  It stands out from everything else in the toothpaste section so of course my eye was instantly drawn to it!  In contrast to the black packaging, the toothpaste itself is a nice, thick, bright white consistency.  I did notice that there was not a whole lot of foam/suds produced but my teeth still felt super smooth and clean afterwards and my breath smelled very fresh!


In regards to the two main product claims, whitening and breath freshening, here are my thoughts.  I do feel that my teeth were a bit whiter after two weeks, but nothing exceptional.  I feel that the whitening is much more of a surface effect and polishing rather than any type of actual bleaching of tooth structure.  As far as breath freshening goes, I absolutely think this product claim is a valid one.  The minty fresh flavor is very prominent, without being overpowering, and does linger a while after brushing.

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Long Term Use

After several weeks of use, I can honestly say I am a big fan of this toothpaste.  Like I mentioned above, I don’t feel like it makes my teeth considerably whiter, but they definitely feel very polished and smooth after each brushing. 


The cost is $7.99 for 4.2 oz

Pediatric Dentist Mission ViejoAuthor

Dr. Mikaeya Kalantari has been a practicing pediatric dentist for over 7 years working in both the children's hospital setting and private practice.  She has had a wealth of experience treating children of all ages, and medical conditions. When it comes to serving children, she feels the importance of communication between the dentist and parent can not be emphasized enough. Dr. Kalantari practices in her family owned dental office in Mission Viejo, California. 

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