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Is Smile Direct Club The Same As Invisalign? 8 Myths You Need To Know Before Joining The Club

If you are wondering if Smile Direct Club and Invisalign are the same, read these 8 myths today!

Smile Direct Club a hot topic of conversation right now among many people - parents, grown adults, teenagers, and dentists alike.  So what's all the buzz you ask?  Smile Direct Club takes the "middle man" out of tooth straightening and offers teeth aligners (similar in appearance to those offered by Invisalign) sent straight to your home.  Oh, and did I mention they are able to do this at a reasonable cost?  Sounds pretty great doesn't it?  As a concept, this new service is a great idea, however there are several things that a person should know prior to joining the Smile Direct Club and that is what we are going ...

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