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How Does A Night Guard Prevent Clenching And Grinding? 7 Facts You Should Know

Does a night guard prevent clenching and grinding and 6 more of your night guard questions answered!

In the last few decades, much attention in dentistry has been devoted to both the airway/sleep apnea and parafunctional habits such a clenching and grinding of the teeth.  These two topics are, in fact, inter related.  Many people can grind or clench their teeth at night due to stress, but there are also many people who may develop these habits due to a narrow airway and sleep apnea.

Whatever the cause, I think we can all agree that tooth grinding and clenching is not great for your teeth and is also something that can lead to uncomfortable symptoms.  This is why every single patient in our office gets asked questions pertaining ...

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White Vs. Silver Fillings: The Modern Dental Debate

Do you ever wonder if white or silver is better for dental fillings?Let's talk pros and cons today.

You will be hard pressed to find someone that has never fallen victim to a cavity in their lifetime.  Yet as universal as cavities are, there is not just ONE universal type of filling material.  For decades the standard of dentistry fillings was amalgam, in fact many of you reading this may have an amalgam (silver filling) currently in your mouth.  As the new millennium has progressed and the search for a more biocompatible and esthetic filling material has evolved, white fillings have become more and more mainstream.  While exceedingly common, we get asked often by patients what the difference between silver and white fillings actually is (other than the ...

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Rising Athletes Subject To Rising Tooth Decay: Are Sports Drinks To Blame?

Are sports drinks really good for you? As athletes begin to see a rise in decay, we evaluate why.

A recent study by the British Dental Journal reports that elite athletes have a high incidence of oral disease despite brushing and flossing regularly 1.  While these results may not be exactly the same for athletes everywhere, a closer look at the habits of athletes reveals why these results make sense.  Athletes need fuel, and what does “fuel” typically translate into?  That’s right, many times, these elite athletes are being fueled by sugar and carbohydrates.  But are sports drinks really good for you?  Let’s look at the details.

Are Sports Drinks Good For You?

Have you ever really considered what is in a sports drink?  Other than the refreshingly tangy ...

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