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Can I just wait until something bothers me before seeking treatment?

That is certainly an option, but it is not necessarily the best solution. It is our goal with any procedure to keep it as noninvasive as possible. Generally, the sooner we address an issue after it is caught, the better the final result.

Usually with teeth, when we reach the point of experiencing discomfort, the problem is more advanced and requires more extensive treatment.

There are times that something such as a superficial crack in the tooth or a cavity that is just beginning may not be as bad underneath. If we are suspicious about a potential problem, we will sometimes recommend following the tooth closely and seeing if the issue progresses at all.

We always attempt to err on the side of being conservative with treatment. But when it appears a problem has progressed too far, it is important to meet it head on to prevent it from becoming more of a problem.

Staying on top of small dental issues to make sure they don’t progress is another reason why it is so important to visit your dentist twice each year for a full examination.

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