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How To Get Rid Of Bad Bacteria In The Mouth: 6 Ways To Inactivate The Harmful Bugs

The human mouth is full of bad bacteria, here are 6 ways you can conquer the bugs.

As the world is currently in the midst of managing the Coronavirus outbreak, much attention has been given to disinfection and how to eliminate unwanted bacteria.  Dentists have a unique position when our job as a dentist entails that we are in close proximity with an abundance of aerosols.  This means, that at any given moment, a dentist is covered in bacteria from other people’s mouths! 

Did you know that the mouth is one of the dirtiest places of the human body with over 600 species of bacteria thriving in the naturally warm and humid environment 1?  Dentists works with their patients to help lessen the amount of potentially harmful bacteria in ...

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