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A Naturally Derived Oral Health Detox Routine For The New Year

Here are 7 easy ways to incorporate a natural oral health detox routine into your daily life

It always seems that with the start of a new year everyone feels that urge to renew their health with a clean slate.  Health and body detox are usually at the top of internet searches every January, and with good reason.  Over time, your body holds onto toxins and unnecessary chemicals from everyday products we place on our bodies or consume.  Detoxing the body is a way to release those unwanted elements and start fresh.

Oral health is much more than trying to avoid cavities and toothaches.  Just as unwanted bacteria in your stomach can effect your body and health overall, so too can unwanted bacteria in your mouth.  Oral bacteria ...

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Is Nitrous Oxide Safe At The Dentist? 7 Important Things You Must Consider.

Important things to know if you are wondering if nitrous oxide is safe at the dentist.

If you have ever had a discussion with friends or family about dental work before, then chances are that you have heard a little something about a little thing called laughing gas.  While laughing gas (nitrous oxide) may certainly help calm a fearful or anxious patient, it is not indicated for use on every patient and there are some important things to consider first.  Fear not, though, laughing gas has an extremely safe track record and there have never been any reported deaths or severe complications associated with its use when utilized at the standard concentrations 6.

Let's first talk a little bit about what laughing gas is to better understand ...

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