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The 2019 Holiday Event List For Mission Viejo And Orange County

A list of holiday and Christmas events in Mission Viejo and Orange County for 2019.

With the snow capped mountains appearing in Mission Viejo, it seems the appropriate setting to begin holiday celebrations!  Our family is very excited to take part in several events in the community to get our spirits ready for Christmas Day! Several events and celebrations can be found around the county but we have listed a few of our favorites below.  However you choose to spend your holiday season we wish you a very, very happy one!

Mission Viejo Santa Arrival

When: Sunday December 1, 2019 from 3:00 – 6:00 PM

Where: Mission Viejo Civic Center

200 Civic Center Drive, Mission Viejo

Details: The whole family will enjoy musical and dance performances, activity and game booths ...

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A Guide To Leftover Halloween Candy: 11 Ideas That Don't Involve Eating

What to do with extra Halloween candy, ideas for the Mission Viejo and Orange County area

So, you have made the decision of what you want to dress up as for Halloween – but have you thought about what to do with the mounds of candy your house will accumulate over this holiday?  If you are looking for some great ideas of what to do with extra Halloween candy we have got some great ideas for you, many specific to the Mission Viejo and Orange County area!  Of course, Halloween means indulging a bit on our favorite treats, but here are a few ways you can use up that candy without adding calories to your body or sugar to your teeth!

Operation Gratitude

Many dental offices ...

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Summer Camp Options: A 2019 Comprehensive List For Mission Viejo

We have put together a complete list of summer camp options in Mission Viejo for 2019!

Well is it just me or did this past school year FLY right on by!?  After realizing that there were only 5 weeks left of the school year, my husband I have begun the search (perhaps a little late I know) for some summer camp options for the girls to keep active with others their age.  I quickly realized that there were soooo many options in Orange County that I thought it would be good to narrow it down a bit and make a list just for Mission Viejo for those people that want to stay close to home.  So here you are, a comprehensive 2019 list of the area ...

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The Top 10 Healthy Restaurants In The Mission Viejo Area

A great list of healthy restaurants in the mission viejo area, gluten free and vegan options as well

If you are anything like our family, you find yourself out and about often enjoying a fun activity and then all the sudden your stomach starts growling!  When this happens it can always be an instinct to pull into the first fast food place we see to appease our hungry tummies (and the whining going on in the backseat).  With a little bit of research and preparation however, you can have a list of places on hand that you can take your family to and know that you all will eat something both delicious and healthy!  Check out our top 10 picks around our area and keep them in mind ...

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2019 Easter Events For Kids In And Around Mission Viejo

Here's a 2019 list of fun Easter events for kids and families in Mission Viejo and Orange County!

It's that time of year, when all the flowers are in bloom and the sun shines warmly - and in Southern California I know we are all ready for it!  With Spring time of course comes many fun Easter and Spring related events around Orange County that allow children and families to celebrate the season change.  At Sunshine Smiles we decided to round up a list of the best 10 Easter/Spring related events so you could see all of your options in one place.  All events are in Orange County, a few even in our home city of Mission Viejo! So grab your calendar and get to putting some fun ...

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